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What's your dating style?

1. A physical trait which is super important for you in the opposite sex is:
Terrific teeth
A cute butt
Great eyes

2. The number of times you think you'll be married:
One time for true love
Two times is better than one
Three times a charm

3. To impress someone on a date, your style of dress is most likely:
Fly girl

4. What's your favorite way to meet people in public?
My boots were made for walking
Sharing a taxi
On the subway--I've ridden since I was a kid

5. In the bedroom, your expected behavior is:
Naughty girl
So good your ex will have to date someone with the same name so they don't call out the wrong name in bed
Since you've been gone, your ex has hardly thought about you

6. When in a relationship, what role do you most often take?
Crazy in love--whatever your partner wants to do
Wedding planner--you might as well get started early. Just in case.
Miss Independent--it's your way or the highway

7. Your one body part which gets all the attention from the opposite sex:
Your fabulous butt
Your seductive eyes
Your super smile

8. To show off your physical prowess, what sport do you challenge your partner in?

9. If the date's going well, do you get jiggy with it on the first date?
I know that I'm supposed to make him wait.
Oops, I did it again . . .
Ain't it funny how some feelings you just can't deny?

10. Your favorite perfume if you are hoping to get lucky is:
Just Me

11. Have you ever dated a person who worked for you or below you?
I haven't but would consider it

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