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Rachel Weinstein, Executive Producer

After spending three years teaching small children English in Vietnam, Rachel returned to California to help the deaf. Efforts towards their cause led to a brief time in the limelight and Rachel became a local star. Art, technology and these experiences helped Rachel eventually land of the job of XXtra Producer.

Nina Singhal, Business Manager

After growing up in hot and humid India, Nina moved to California where the air is cool and dry. Ideal for the job of Business Manager, Nina was hired instantly for her creative accounting and financial experience in New Delhi. Even through the roughest parts of getting started, Nina's skills have helped XXtra survive.

Rebecca Schultz, Creative Director

Although her job as Creative Director keeps her busy, Rebecca always manages to find time for her men. Engaging and alluring, she captures the hearts of boys everywhere who want her for their leading lady. Decisiveness and clear thinking are just two of the traits that make Rebecca one of the strongest members of the staff.

Merrie Morris, Director of Photography

Merrie was hand selected for Director of Photography because of her keen eye for color and persuasiveness. Especially convincing when necessary, she always gets the perfect photo of a celebrity. Teeming with enthusiasm and creativity, Merrie is an asset to the staff.

Liz Breen, Celebrity Coordinator

As Celebrity Coordinator, Liz works closely with Merrie. Easy on the eyes, Liz has no problem getting the male celebs to open up, share their secrets and usually ask her to grab a drink at the local bar. Arguably the staff member with the most friends in high places, Liz excels at her job and always gets the juice.


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